Twins Reaction to Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia EPISODE 21


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「Twins Reaction to Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia EPISODE 21」です。

Man… what a journey this was! This was definitely a proper send off for some of the great characters we had in this series… thank you everyone for joining along with us! We can’t wait for the Solomon & Camelot adaptations!!!

Fate/Grand Order Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia Episode 21 Live Reaction, Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 21 Live Reaction

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Twins Reaction to Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia EPISODE 21


■公開日:2020-03-29 08:46:04
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    • MemoryNK
    • 2020年 4月4日

    Reaction starts at 8:23 everyone!

    • Alma
    • 2020年 4月4日

    This time on "These Things Just Happen", Episode Two: I attempted to roll for Atalanta Alter, didn't get her. Did get two copies of Anastasia, though, so I suppose that's neat.

    Ah, and answers to my Holy Grail War question! Yeah, Musashi is pretty insanely overpowered. She can literally bend time and space to produce the results she needs. Plus she's pretty fun in terms of personality, so big plus.

    • OneHyberion
    • 2020年 4月4日

    spent about 120 sq and 10 ticket hoping for gramps on jp but luck wasnt on my side this time….
    well now im saving for Galahad Alter (the servent who is fused with mash) when Fate Requiem collab hits jp (only rumors for now about Galahad Alter as a SSR Saber Limited , no official comfirms yet , another rumors is that it will have little prince as welfare servant) or lb 5 king banner
    who will you save for after ivan and anastasia ?
    PS: Ivan best Rider , cant change my mind (have it lv 100 2000 fous)

    • LAR Games
    • 2020年 4月4日

    God, I'm so glad that terrible ascension of Jaguar Man's wasn't in this. haha
    It looks so bad.

    • alireza omrani
    • 2020年 4月4日

    Ishtar isn't lying Ereshkigal is still alive, her spirit origin just collapsed due to her showing favoritism towards life and disobeying the rules of the underworld. The form we Eresh in the anime isn't her true form its been explained multiple times now that both Ishtar and Eresh are possessing Rin's body as pseudo-servants since divine spirits A.K.A Gods can't become servants normally due to their nature as higher beings which is why they have to downgrade themselves and possess compatible humans. When Ishtar took over Rin's body she also had her personality merged with hers creating a brand new persona (this is explained in episode 9 by the way guys) and due to Ereshkigal being Ishtar's counterpart she merged with Rin too causing her to have a major personality shift (in episode 20 when Eresh is dying she mentions how she's much different to her usual self) the reason they both have bodies is unexplained and the only reason given is that both Ishtar and Eresh "merged with Rin's body and soul" whatever that means. SO when Ereshgikal ""died"" she was just separated from Rin's influence and body and went back to her TRUE FORM and her TRUE PERSONALITY was freed thus the reason we don't see her anymore is because 1. The creators of the anime don't want to show Ereshgikal or Ishtar's true forms for whatever reason and 2. Like Ishtar said Ereshgikal is sleeping, after she was separated from Rin and went back to her normal body the underworld collapsed due to Gilgamesh's full power Enuma Elish which LIKE STATED IN THE EPISODE, CAUSE YOU KNOW YOU GUYS DON'T EVER PAY ATTENTION TO THE DIALOGUE!!! caused major damage that won't be able to be repaired for at least a whole century and since Ereshgikal is the goddess of the underworld and is directly tied to it she felt the impact and had to go to sleep to recover her energy.

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